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June 21, 2022 integrates CAS chemical substance data into its novel drug delivery AI platform

Columbus, Ohio, USA and Tel Aviv, Israel - June 22, 2022 – CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society that specializes in scientific information solutions, and, creating an AI-driven drug delivery platform for gene therapy, today announced an agreement to embed chemical substance data from the CAS Content CollectionTM directly into the AI data acquisition workflow via an application programmable interface (API). This collaboration will enrich’s proprietary database to fuel its AI engine, with an expected 70% reduction in resources allocated to molecular data acquisition and preparation. is focused on developing novel drug delivery solutions for gene therapy and vaccines, using artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. “Predicting delivery candidates with high expression, low toxicity, and accurate organ targeting is a central challenge. By leveraging AI capabilities, we can solve these delivery challenges for gene editing, rapid vaccine development, and treatment of rare genetic and undruggable diseases,” notes Roy Nevo, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at

As part of the process, conducted an analysis of CAS content. “Our evaluation demonstrated that integrating unique scientist-curated substance data from CAS with our proprietary database enhances our novel AI predictive models, which allow for better screening and generation of novel lipid nanoparticles solutions. This enables precise targeting of a given organ with the associated profile relating to toxicity and gene expression,” explains Nevo.

“We applaud and its innovative approach to leveraging AI for developing novel delivery solutions for gene therapy and vaccines,” said Craig Stephens, Chief Customer Officer at CAS. “This is a great example of how we are partnering with our customers to optimize the success of their unique internal platforms, databases, and workflows through the integration of our content and technology. We are confident that our CAS Custom Services will help improve’s RNA delivery AI-based platform.”

The CAS Content Collection covers scientific advances over the last 150 years in over 50 languages from journal and patent publications. It includes references, chemical substances, proteins, reactions, physical and chemical properties, formulations, bioactivity data, and much more. Sourced, curated, and connected by a team of hundreds of scientists, it is the largest and highest quality collection of human-curated scientific information in the world. The CAS Custom Services team works with organizations globally to design custom solutions that drive discovery.

About CAS

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society specializing in scientific information solutions, partners with R&D organizations globally to provide actionable insights that help them plan, innovate, protect their innovations, and predict how new markets and opportunities will evolve. Scientific researchers, patent professionals, and business leaders around the world across commercial, academic, and government sectors rely on our solutions and services to advise discovery and strategy. Leverage our unparalleled content, specialized technology, and unmatched human expertise to customize solutions that will give your organization an information advantage. With more than 110 years of experience, no one knows more about

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About is building an AI-based drug delivery platform, focusing on the delivery of oligonucleotide therapies, including mRNA-based therapeutics, vaccines, and gene therapy. The technology is powered by an integration of machine learning and nanotechnology in order to identify formulations of lipid nanoparticle drug delivery systems. The company is building a scalable, high throughput Design-Build-Test-Learn cycle platform to rapidly identify likely lipid nanoparticle-based drug delivery vehicles for given payloads such as RNA, DNA, and CRISPR.

The team consists of domain experts in AI, ML, drug delivery, and nanotechnology and experienced leaders and business executives. The founding team is: Yogev Debbi (CEO), Roy Nevo (CTO), Prof. Kira Radinsky (scientific advisor), and Prof. Avi Schroeder (scientific advisor).

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