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At, we are pioneering a new era in genetic medicine through our unique integration of machine learning and lipid nanoparticle (LNP) design.

Our AI-driven approach transcends traditional limitations, enabling precise and optimized formulations for extrahepatic delivery of nucleic acid therapeutics and vaccines.


By harnessing the power of AI to significantly cut down the time for development and to achieve novel IP-protected results, we are not only advancing the field of gene therapy but also unlocking unprecedented possibilities for collaborations and innovations in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

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Design's AI platform designs novel lipid nanoparticle candidates in silico using its machine learning models that predict desirable properties to select best-in-class cell specific tissue-targeted LNPs.


Build uses its high-throughput capabilities to synthesize and make dozens of lipid nanoparticle formulations per week, transforming computational models into physical entities using automated manufacturing pipelines.


Test thoroughly evaluates each constructed lipid nanoparticle through automated, high-throughput screening infrastructure including assays that analyze efficacy, safety and physicochemical properties to identify top candidates, while continuously generating data to further improve the machine learning models predictions.



All experimental results are digitally stored and instantly transferred into the AI platform training set. This is how the machine learning models are improved on a weekly basis. In addition, the automation platform continuously leverages publicly available data with its unique software tools and so enriching the ever growing proprietary database that constantly improves its AI models' ability to design tissue-targeted LNPs

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