top of page is a seed stage biotech company leveraging data, machine learning and high throughput screening to design novel LNPs for targeted extrahepatic delivery of nucleic acid therapeutics and vaccines.


Mana is founded and led by a team of repeat entrepreneurs and highly regarded experts in the field of drug delivery, machine learning and software development which are inspired by the potential of combining advanced technologies in biology and medicine.


Yogev Debbi

Co-Founder & CEO

Repeat biotech entrepreneur, experienced in business leadership and applying software technologies in biology applications.

Roy Nevo

Co-Founder & CTO

Repeat biotech entrepreneur and a veteran software architect, skilled at leading rapidly developing innovative biotech products.

Prof. Avi Schroeder

Scientific co-founder

Nanomedicine and drug delivery expert; Tenured Professor in the Chemical Engineering faculty at the Technion.

Dr. Kira Radinsky

Scientific co-founder

AI and data science expert pioneering predictive data mining and its applications in medicine.

Advisory Board

Cory Sago, PhD

Biomedical engineer and serial entrepreneur experienced in discovering lipid nanoparticles for targeted RNA delivery.

Peter Nell, PhD

Experienced biopharma executive with over 20 years of experience advancing gene editing programs from R&D through commercialization.

Gaurav Sahay, PhD

Expert in developing nanotechnology-based platforms for effective mRNA therapeutics, particularly for cystic fibrosis and retinal degeneration.

Barry Ticho, MD PhD

Experienced drug developer and clinician leading multiple neurology and cardiology programs through clinical trials and commercialization

Prof. Eitan Kerem, MD

Pediatric specialist and researcher who has made substantial contributions to improving cystic fibrosis patient care and advocacy.

Prof. Jordan Green

Prolific biomedical engineer, professor, and entrepreneur developing innovative genetic medicines and immunotherapies.

Lubo Nechev, PhD

Renowned expert in RNAi therapeutics and lipid nanoparticle formulation with a proven track record in developing innovative solutions for gene delivery.


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Using Mana’s proprietary platform we aim to create novel delivery solutions that will unlock the RNA and nucleic acid therapeutics potential, and treat genetic diseases across a wide range of unmet needs.

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