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The Decade of RNA Delivery – Beyond the Liver

March 8, 2023

The Decade of RNA Delivery – Beyond the Liver

With the opportunity to treat spades of infectious diseases, cancers and single gene disorders, there is enormous potential in RNA therapeutics. To realize it, however, researchers will need to optimize delivery to on-target cells, minimize exposure to off-target cells and move beyond the liver.

Yogev Debbi is co-founder and CEO of Israel-based, which specializes in “building the space shuttle” for RNA and DNA delivery.

“The RNA is the astronaut that needs to get to the space station in order to fix it. But they can’t just walk there. They need a space shuttle with oxygen and seatbelts that can get past the atmosphere. We build space shuttles," he told BioSpace.

The past two decades were all about nucleic acid reading and writing, Debbi said. The next is about delivering DNA and RNA.

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