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Prof. Avi Schroeder

Scientific co-founder

Professor Avi Schroeder is a tenured Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Technion, where he heads the Laboratory for Targeted Drug Delivery and Personalized Medicine Technologies and specializes in lipid and polymeric nanoparticles for nucleic acid delivery.

Previously Prof. Shroeder completed postdoctoral research at Robert (Bob) Langer’s lab at MIT and earned his PhD from the Hebrew and Ben Gurion Universities, Prof. Schroeder has received over 30 prestigious awards, including the Kavli, Intel, Teva, and Wolf Foundation prizes, published over 50 papers, holds 19 patents, co-founded multiple startups, and serves as President of Israel's Institute of Chemical Engineers as well as on Israel's National Council for Civilian Research and Development. Prof. Shroeder is also the president of the Controlled Release Society (CRS) organization.

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